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Croc and barra on the move during the Top End’s big wet

Croc and barra on the move during the Top End’s big wet

Floodplains such as those in the northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park are likely to remain flooded for many months, meaning barramundi and crocodiles could move to remote parts of rivers where they're not usually found.

"The monsoon seasons of northern Australia have a huge effect on what animals and plants live where and when," says TRaCK researcher, Dr Neil Pettit from the University of Western Australia.  "They are also important for how a river functions."

A Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRaCK) research team has spent the past three years finding out more about how the Top End's rivers naturally flow, and what drives the healthy ecology and functioning of these rivers.  This will help river managers make more informed decisions about how these rivers are used in the future.

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Other stories in this fifth edition include:

  • Tropical waterholes and why they are fragile and valuable refuges for plants and animals , with examples of work done on the Flinders River in north Queensland
  • Aboriginal elders sharing their river change stories in the Fitzroy (WA) and Mitchell (QLD) catchments
  • Water trading in northern Australia
  • Getting communities involved in water planning

The media are welcome to use any of the stories in On TRaCK as long as they acknowledge the source.

TRaCK receives major funding for its research through the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Environment Research Facilities initiative; the Australian Government’s Raising National Water Standards Program; Land and Water Australia; the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and the Queensland Government’s Smart State Innovation Fund.

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