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TRaCK’s next phase of research

TRaCK’s next phase of research

Release date

14 Mar 2012

TRaCK is now scoping up ideas for the next phase of research, and has initiated discussions with stakeholders to identify emerging issues and areas where there is still incomplete knowledge.

Urban and regional demonstrations in Perth, Broome, Kununurra, Cairns, Brisbane and Darwin are being held to ensure TRaCK is hearing from key decision makers and those living and working in northern Australia about priorities for the next phase of research.




TRaCK has identified the following themes as priority areas requiring further work:

1. Ensuring sustainable use of water resources, particularly groundwater
2. Minimising the impacts of land use intensification on river and coastal system
3. Managing coastal industries and development to maintain healthy rivers, estuaries and coasts
4. Planning for and adapting to the impacts of climate change and variability on tropical rivers, coasts and communities
5. Indigenous communities and sustainable livelihoods around catchment and coastal management
6. Providing education, training and leadership in tropical rivers and coastal management

Please read the discussion paper below and send us your comments via the online survey. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Please contact the TRaCK Knowledge & Adoption Coordinator on (08) 8946 7444 or email for further information.


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