TRaCK: Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge

Science and knowledge that governments, communities, industries for sustainable use of Australia's tropical rivers and estuaries

Amy Kimber

Amy Kimber

Amy Kimber
Theme Leader
Charles Darwin University

Amy Kimber was the Knowledge & Adoption Coordinator for TRaCK’s synthesis and adoption year, and is based at Charles Darwin University. Her work focuses on promoting the adoption of TRaCK’s research, coordinating activity across the synthesis and adoption projects, and overseeing product development, testing and delivery to ensure research outputs are accessible and useable.

Amy completed a Bachelor of Arts, Communications (Journalism) at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, NSW, and has since worked as a journalist and in a variety of media, communications, and community involvement roles for the Western Australian and Federal governments.


Phase 1 Projects

Outcomes The Knowledge and Adoption team sought to maximize local ownership of TRaCK among the key end users.  It achieved this by ensuring that land-holders and managers, natural resource management groups and local communities were provided with opportunities to have input and participation in the research. The team ensured that research outputs fed directly into the broader initiatives, and policy and decision making processes of regional natural resource management bodies and state and Commonwealth natural resource management and conservation agencies.