TRaCK: Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge

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John Mackenzie

John Mackenzie

John Mackenzie
Charles Darwin University

John was a research fellow in the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge research program at Charles Darwin University. His research draws on political sociology and the use of social science research methods for policy design, analysis and assessment, with specific research interests in community-based natural resource management, water governance and water reform, and environmental advocacy.

John completed his PhD in the School of Political Science at the University of Queensland, and his post-doctoral research fellowship at the Griffith University Law School.

Following on from three years of research aimed at improving collaboration in water allocation decision making and planning, John wrote a Facilitators’ Guide to Indigenous Water Planning, as part of TRaCK’s synthesis and adoption year, and in collaboration with the North Australia Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA).

Before joining the TRaCK research team at CDU, John was a lecturer in Environmental Politics at the University of Queensland, a consulting researcher with the Coastal Zone Cooperative Research Centre, a senior social scientist in the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water, and a research fellow at the Socio-Legal Research Centre at Griffith University.  John has a number of external advisory roles, including as a member of the advisory panel on community engagement for the Murray Darling Basin Authority.