TRaCK: Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge

Science and knowledge that governments, communities, industries for sustainable use of Australia's tropical rivers and estuaries

Natalie Stoeckl

Natalie Stoeckl

Natalie Stoeckl
Project Leader
James Cook University

Natalie Stoeckl is an Economics Professor at James Cook University in Queensland and has always had an interest in environmental economics. Before university, Natalie spent three years on a prawn trawler and many years running a horticultural business.

Much of her course work while studying for an undergraduate degree and PhD from the Australian National University, and a Masters from James Cook University, focused on non-market valuation techniques that are often used in economics to try to estimate the economic value of things associated with the environment.

Professor Stoeckl became involved with TRaCK after doing a scoping project in 2006 looking at the social and economic values associated with tropical rivers in northern Australia. She was attracted by the opportunity to work with people from other disciplines, all contributing their expertise to TRaCK’s body of research. She led a project in the first phase of research entitled Socio-economic activity and water use in the tropical rivers region.

Phase 1 Projects

Outcomes This project benefited natural resource managers, policy makers, local and state governments, and community groups in enhancing their knowledge about: the current status, and growth rate of the region's socio-economic systems; some of their 'interactions' with the environment; and the likely impacts on the socio-economic systems and, by extension, environmental systems of alternative development paths. In addition, it: identified critical knowledge gaps within the region's socioeconomic systems. This information is useful to local residents, and/or others considering moving to, or investing in, the TRaCK region.