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Northern Australia Aquatic Ecological Assets - Summary Report

TitleNorthern Australia Aquatic Ecological Assets - Summary Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsClose, PG, Dobbs, R, Davies, P
Series TitleNorth Australia Aquatic Ecological Assets
Date Published06/2012
TypeSummary Report
ISBN Number978-1-921576-66-9
Keywordsaquatic ecological assets, Northern Australian

Northern Australia hosts a range of high value aquatic ecosystems, including, estuaries, rivers, lakes and wetlands. These ecosystems have important intrinsic and cultural values, and among other things, provide clean water, food and recreational activities for people. Climate related changes in rainfall, run off and sea level, together with future development and expansion of agricultural, urban and industrial land use represent significant risks to these high value aquatic ecosystems. The systems support high biodiversity and many species of aquatic plants and animals that are found nowhere else. It is important that these valuable assets be sustainably managed and protected so that they provide ongoing value to both human activities and ecological requirements.