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Malak Malak River Monitoring Report: 2009-2010

TitleMalak Malak River Monitoring Report: 2009-2010
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsFinn, M, Featherston, P, Rangers, MMalak Land
KeywordsIndigenous rangers, river monitoring, river values

This report provides information on a year-long participatory monitoring program trial undertaken at river country sites significant to Malak Malak people during 2010. Indicators were chosen by the Malak Malak Rangers during workshops coordinated by CSIRO scientists. Those indicators reflect aspects of the sites that they consider characteristic features, or the threats of concern to the Malak Malak Rangers (such as weeds). Three monitoring methods were trialled. Of these, permanent photo points were the most successful. The results in this report focus on the interpretation of the photos.