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Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows

TitleIndigenous socio-economic values and river flows
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsJackson, S, Finn, M, Woodward, E, Featherston, P
Date Published12/2011
InstitutionCSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
Keywordsassets, Indigenous, river flows, socio-economic, Values

This report presents the results of a three year study of Indigenous Socio-economic Values and River Flows funded under the TRaCK (Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge) program. Although environmental flow assessments and allocations have been practiced in Australia for nearly 20 years, to date they have not effectively incorporated Indigenous values (Finn and Jackson 2011). Indigenous values associated with river systems and water tend to be poorly understood by river managers and water planners, and some are difficult to relate explicitly to particular flow patterns and to address in water allocation decisions.