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Proper Engagement Protocols for Indigenous People

TitleProper Engagement Protocols for Indigenous People
Publication TypeConference Participation
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLawrence, M
Keywords7: Knowledge and Adoption

My name is Marceil Lawrence I am a woman from far North Queensland, my family are traditional owners from the Palmer River one of the Rivers that run off the Mitchell River. I am a Ku Ku Western Yalangi on my Dad's side and we are from the Family of Kawanji and Minkadji our totem is the night owl and the Grey Kangaroo. I have a Graduate Diploma of Natural Cultural Resource Management which I completed in 2006, from Deakin University. I was employed by TRaCK for close to a year as the Indigenous Co-ordinator. My new position which I had just stepped into for three months is the NAILSMA Indigenous Water Facilitator The paper I am presenting will discuss key issues related to Indigenous engagement in research, including: (1) Why should you engage properly; (2) Trust for Researchers; (3) Creating connections and Maintaining them; (4) Establishing Trust; (5) Being Real and being Honest; (6) Being aware.