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Identifying high conservation value aquatic ecosystems in northern Australia

TitleIdentifying high conservation value aquatic ecosystems in northern Australia
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKennard, MJ
Date Published07/2010
InstitutionCharles Darwin University
ISBN Number978-1-921576-23-2
Keywords5: Foodwebs and biodiversity, biodiversity, fish, macroinvertebrates, systematic conservation planning, turtles, waterbirds

Aquatic ecosystems of tropical northern Australia host a unique and diverse range of water-dependent plants and animals. Many aquatic ecosystems in northern Australia can therefore be considered to be of high conservation value. The challenge for managers is to objectively identify those that should be the focus of strategic investments and actions to protect and enhance these values in an efficient manner. To meet these needs a systematic approach to the identification and management of High Conservation Value Aquatic Ecosystems or HCVAE is required.
This report describes the outcomes of a trail of the draft HCVAE Framework in aquatic ecosystems in northern Australia. A broad-scale assessment of key aquatic ecological assets is provided and HCVAEs identified. The Framework was also compared to alternative approaches and its efficiency evaluated.