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Stakeholder values and attitudes towards water markets across northern Australia

TitleStakeholder values and attitudes towards water markets across northern Australia
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsNikolakis, W, Grafton, RQ, To, H
Date Published08/2010
InstitutionCharles Darwin University
ISBN Number978-1-921576-25-6
Keywords6: Sustainable enterprises, Indigenous Economic Development, Natural Resources Management, stakeholder attitudes and values, Water Markets, Water Reform, Water Resources Management

This report is the second of three reports and part of a two year project entitled "Establishing water markets in northern Australia: a study to assess feasibility and consequences of market-based mechanisms of water delivery" undertaken through the Australian National University's Crawford School of Economics and Government. The Tropical Rivers and Coastal knowledge (TRaCK) hub funded this project under Theme 6 "Sustainable Enterprises". This research is also being done in collaboration with the Northern Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA). This second report provides analysis of stakeholder attitudes and values and their implications for the design of water markets across tropical Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia (with focus on the Gulf, Timor and North East drainage divisions). The study utilised a mixed qualitative and quantitative approach, employing a survey with closed ended (5 point Likert scales and multiple choice) and open ended measures.