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Indigenous Socio-economic values and river flows - Newsletter 2, October 2010

TitleIndigenous Socio-economic values and river flows - Newsletter 2, October 2010
Publication TypeNewsletter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsJackson, S, Finn, M, Woodward, E, Featherston, P, Mckaige, B
KeywordsAboriginal water values, Indigenous harvest, wild resources

This newsletter is the second in a series reporting on research progress in the TRaCK Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows project. The research team, led by CSIRO's Sue Jackson, is new three-quarters of the way through the project and has the following results to present.

Australia's tropical rivers account for about 70% of Australia's total runoff. With water becoming an increasingly valuable resource in southern Australia, there is growing interest in the water resources of the north, particularly for irrigated agriculture. There is also recognition that tropical river systems sustain important fisheries, and underpin a wealth of other natural and cultural assets values by society. If we are to ensure that greater use of water in north Australia is sustainable then water planners and land managers will need good information on tour tropical river systems - how they work and how people value and use them.