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Daly River Catchment Water Model: Progress Report

TitleDaly River Catchment Water Model: Progress Report
Publication TypeCorporate Publication
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBarton, CL, Pantus, FJ

The Knowledge Integration and Delivery project within TRaCK’s Theme 1 (Project 1.4) has two main objectives: to improve our knowledge of the catchments under investigation with regards to their response to management actions (including conservation), and to deliver that knowledge effectively to TRaCK stakeholders in general, and resource managers and their advisors in particular.

A set of models and software products, based on a broad conceptual framework (Management Strategy Evaluation or MSE), form the basis of the delivery of flexible management scenario evaluation capability to the TRaCK program and its stakeholders. Project 1.4 (P1.4) proposes to do this by (further) developing and implementing the broad framework for Catchment-to-Coast management strategy evaluation (C2 MSE) for the Northern Rivers. These tools then will be used to support evidence-based decision-making in water-related resource management.

P1.4 is initially focussing on the Daly River catchment and will develop a C2C MSE tool for this catchment. The C2C MSE tool contains a catchment water model. It is this water model that is the focus of this report. This report documents the steps taken to produce the spatially explicit catchment water model needed for management strategy evaluation.