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TRaCK 6 Monthly Progress Report (May/June 2010) - Fitzroy Catchment

TitleTRaCK 6 Monthly Progress Report (May/June 2010) - Fitzroy Catchment
Publication TypeCorporate Publication
Year of Publication2010
Keywords7: Knowledge and Adoption

A total of eight TRaCK projects have undertaken fieldwork in the Kimberley since 2008 (Projects 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 4.1, 4.6, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.8). All have had a high level of community engagement and all have progressed well.
Project 2.1 (The economic value of rivers) has completed its final written report and is now reporting on its findings. Six projects have completed their fieldwork and are now in a phase of sample processing and analysis (P4.1, P4.6, P5.1, P5.2, P5.3 and P5.8). Project 2.2 (Indigenous values) is two-thirds of the way through its field program and now has preliminary results from two rounds of field surveys. Project 1.2 (River change stories) is in the final stages of its work with the Fitzroy Crossing-based Yiriman Project. Project 1.2 is also intending to assist members of the Fitzroy Catchment Management Group’s Aboriginal Reference Group with capacity-building in water planning and management later in the year. Project 6 (Sustainable livelihoods) has begun work with Nyikina Mangala people.
Another project (P5.7) is a desk-top project that seeks to integrate work from the TRaCK projects related to environmental flows and does not require any fieldwork or the collection of new information. The project has developed an organising framework (ELOHA) Ecological Limits of Hydrological Alteration and will harvest flow-related material from other projects when completed. This is expected by September 2010. None of the projects contributing this information have completed results yet, so no progress update is included for Project 5.7 in this report.
Following are updates on progress for the projects currently being undertaken in the Kimberley.

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