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Facilitator’s Guide to Indigenous Water Planning

TitleFacilitator’s Guide to Indigenous Water Planning
Publication TypeCorporate Publication
Year of Publication2011

The Facilitator’s Guide is a field guide for use by community-based water facilitators to support Indigenous communities to better understand and participate in water planning, management and decision-making. It is based on three years of TRaCK and NAILSMA research, engagement and capacity-building initiatives in progressing Traditional Owner and Indigenous community interests in water reform.

The Facilitator’s Guide consists of three parts:

1. This Overview: provides the rationale, references and acknowledgements for the Guide.

2. A Facilitator’s Handbook: a handbook guide to planning and implementing an engagement and capacity building program with Indigenous communities  (Please note: this is not included in this consultation draft).

3. Resource Modules: A collection of information and presentation materials for use and adaptation by facilitators. The resource modules are designed to be used in conjunction with the engagement process outlined in the Handbook. (Please note: Summaries of the resource modules are included in this consultation draft).

The engagement process outlined by the Guide steps a facilitator through a structured process from preparatory work and initial engagement and through to the development of a Catchment Action Strategy. A Catchment Action Strategy is a community-developed work plan to guide on-ground management actions, to build a strong negotiation position for engaging with government and land managers, to seek funding and to build partnerships with other stakeholders for improved participation in water management.